Paper is not going away any time soon


but the strides that organizations today are taking toward a visionary paperless office go a long way in eliminating inefficiencies of manual, paper-based processes. Investing in a good document imaging and archiving system is the first step toward creating easily accessible digital archives.


No matter the structure or format of your documents, Data Cohorts document capture and archiving software automatically scans, classifies, and indexes the documents, preparing them for entry into your target document archiving system. Searching for information becomes significantly easier as piles of paper and files are translated into coherent data fields with the click of a button.


We build customised capturing solution either through Web, Tablet, Digital Pen Solution or Scan / ICR / OCR


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  • Common scan and ICR & OCR recognition solution
  • Capturing through WEB, Tablet Solution and Digital Pen Solution offers better accuracy and processing time. 
  • Verification Process
  • Back end input into core system or ERP.
  • Output Management Solution is able to process raw data and output as insurance policies, invoices, bank statements, etc to anywhere and at different delivery channels across the globe.
  • Data processed to Documents can be output to PDF with indexes to an Electronic Document Management System.
  • Once these documents with indexes are digitally archived, it is easy to search & retrieve - zero storage space. 
  • Audit trails and reports are generated. 



Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. – Albert Einstein