E-Statement / E-Billing / DIGITAL SELF SERVICE



Data Cohorts partners with Pitney Bowes, the world leader in eBilling,  eStatement and Digital Self Service solution. 


Give customers the answers they are looking for and you'll get the results you are looking for. It all starts by treating each customer like an individual. Help them pay bills faster, increases purchases and experience tailor made 24/7 service and watch your cost-to-service plummet. 



Deploy a truly personalized experience—50% faster

Quick and easy to deploy, digital self service from Pitney Bowes engages customers with targeted, relevant content based on profiles, transaction history and online behaviors—in as little as ten weeks.

  • Deploy a comprehensive suite of ready-to-launch capabilities, enabling e-presentment, payments, billing intelligence, mobile and customer care

  • Profit from sophisticated customer analytics that improve the customer experience by accessing real-time data and documents

  • Reduce costs with automated self service replacing costly paper and call-center activity

  • Minimize errors and eliminate manual processes and automate account management

  • Grow revenues with highly targeted online engagements, taking advantage of increased web traffic to upsell and cross-sell 


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What makes PITNET BOWES  eStatements so secure?  


  • The customer is able to decrypt and view the entire detailed eStatement without having to visit a single web page.
  • The body of the email contains partial information about the customer which a fraudster could not replicate.
  • Emails are digitally signed to prove the authenticity of the sender.
  • Email servers are authenticated by the use of DKIM and SPF.
  • The eStatement can be stored locally on the customer's computer, with all of its security protections intact.


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