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Automate Your Operations with Smart Bots

Chatbot Installation Across Omnichannel


Serve Your Customers Automatically Today

Eliminate manual responses by using an FAQ bot to answer all questions and concerns. Set keyword triggers and unlimited customisable flows to guide your prospects and customers. Easily combine chatbots with your human agents via our unique human-robot design.


Chatbot Handover System

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Handovers

Build intuitive chat menus for your customer to select from. Escalate inquiries and high priority cases from bots to humans. Set automatic routing, semi-automatic routing or manual based. Allow agents to also hand over to other agents on shifting periods. 


Trigger Based Automation


Set Logic Based Messaging Automations

Set any automation whether its for collection, reminders, notifications, marketing, remarketing & more. Whether you want to trigger a birthday notification or a payment reminder, our powerful API solutions can assist to improve operational efficiency.


Chatbots for E-Commerce


Grow Revenues on Chat Today

Easily build and upload a chatbot that can execute on commerce needs. Upload your product catalog and sell on any channel from WhatsApp to Instagram and more. Customise chatbot flows to create industry and business specific bots. 

Let's chat! Ask us for a free demo account. Reach out to us via WhatsApp by clicking here and typing "Chatbots" and we will get back to you soonest possible. 

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