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Be omni-channel. Limitless possibilities

Total CX Automation.

One Customer Hub.
Endless Customer Journey

Campaign Creator

Quickly design personalized campaigns via a simple, codeless editor. For any intent: from mass messaging to personalized multi-step customer journeys.

Cross-channel orchestration

Reach all your customers, whether offline, online, on the web or on mobile. Connect over email, voice, push, WhatsApp, Viber, RCS, SMS, and Messenger.

Insights - Unified Customer Profile

Accurate, real-time view into customer habits, behaviors, and preferences. A single place for all your customer data: attributes, events, purchases, demographics and more.

Analytics and Reporting

Monitor campaign performance with Funnel and Events analytics. Full, actionable insight into your engagements, conversions, responses, and more.

Website & App events tracking

Connect the dots from that first visit to repeat usage. Collect user behavior data across your websites and mobile apps via JavaScript SDK, iOS and Android SDK, or Events API.

Integrations and open API

Designed to work with all your applications. Connect data easily via Open API. Native integration with your Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics.

By Channels

WhatsApp Business

Delivery a better customer experience with the most popular channel in the world


Boost your communication with a simple SMS Service


Deliver engaging voice experiences with our secured, high-definition voice service for any applications


Create rich, targeted marketing and transactional emails to capture your customers' attention

Web Push

Web Push Notifications : Meet the Alerts that convert

Mobile App Messaging

Mobile Push Notifications and in-app Messaging to Keep Users Engaged

Live Chat

Connect with customers in real time with Live Chat

FB Messenger

Offers fast service at every touchpoint over the app 1.3 billion people connect daily


Add AI to your customer support

Significantly reduce customer support costs, while increasing customer satisfaction with an AI chatbot that can recognise customer intent, instantly provide information, on any channel, and never takes a day off. 

So much more than a simple FAQs chatbot

Bring a new dimension to your up-sell, cross-sell, and lead generation efforts. Assist your customers with a true virtual assistant, capable of having real conversations - and even finishing entire transactions.

It's not all artificial

Keep the human touch. Allow the chatbot to handle high-volume queries, decreasing your agents' burden, but allow seamless transfer to a human when necessary

Lots and lots and lots of channels

Support your customers by using a chatbot over any of their favourite communication channels - including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, LINE, Live Chat, SMS and more

Robust Natural Language Understanding (NLU) foundation for bots

Know your customers with our NLU - understand what your customers are saying in their natural language with our deep intent and sentiment analysis. Leverage their most searched queries and intents to structure a great conversation. 

Engage and converse across languages and regions

Our intent-recognition goes beyong languages and touches upon cultural nuances and slangs across regions. Make your bot-responses smart and language-agnostic, all through a single platform.

Automate resolutions of all customer queries

Build progressive conversations based on the top search queries in the system to improve your intent-resolutions ratio. Then track all unresolved queries to actively learn and achieve 99%+ accuracy. 

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