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We accelerate digital transformation
but we still love prints

Data Integration

Our Enterprise Data Integration Solution provides the features you need to connect to data in multiple sources either directly or through integration with your existing data access technologies. Huge global banks & insurance companies as well as telecommunications companies are using our ETL tools & services to manage their data.

Data Quality & Geocoding

Data Quality - Improve your data quality, improve your bottomline. Data is used in a myriad of business-critical processes. Each year, companies lose trillions of dollars due to poor data quality. That's why it's essential to understand how data issues are affecting your business. 

Geocoding - Whatever area you specialize in, DC's Enterprise Geocoding Solution can help your business in a number of ways. With precise location data, you can calculate the distance between two points, determine eligibility or locate potential marketing targets.

Data Composition & Customer Communications Management

For enterprises who must compete by creating exceptional customer experiences, we provide omnichannel software solutions that deliver compliant and meaningful customer interactions.

Our industry-leading CXM solutions consist of :

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Improve moments that matter - Statements, Emails, SMS, WhatsApp Business, Social Media, Digital Onboarding, Mobile and Web Content. Basically complex documents. 

  • Generate Content that is managed by business users, guided by approval processes, mobile and digital-ready. 

  • Create Content that are personalised, compliant, omnichannel, guided by Customer Journey Mapping. 

Compliance based Print Fulfillment Outsourcing

DC's Print Fulfillment Portfolio focuses on security compliance and technology. 


Our teams are now offering ideas to the client and are conversing about what could make the project better, better security, more cost-effective and efficient. Today over financial institutions are outsourcing and trusting their data with DC – We ensure that our customer's data are processed securely, printed and delivered to their customers in a secured and compliant environment.

Digital Communications Gateways - SMS, WhatsApp Business & E-Mail

Partnering with world-leading gateways, DC ensures smooth, high volumes of transaction delivery and reporting in your adoption to digital delivery.

Best in its class for sure secured delivery of bulk SMS, E-Mail, WhatsApp Business and Chatbot.

Digital Asset Management

In today’s publishing and digital marketing world, you need to create the right visuals fast. And whether it’s a unique editorial image, a banner ad for a new campaign or the latest product shots, it needs to be beautiful, on-brand and useable for any channel.

Our DAM solution helps you create incredible assets and enables creatives to collaborate more effectively. All files are stored in a single location, giving you maximum control over when and where assets are used. Being an open platform with unlimited scalability, Our DAM solution is an instant fit in any organization’s technology landscape.

Enterprise Software Solutions

Enterprise Softwares we carry:​

Enterprise Hardware & Cloud Partner

Enterprise Hardware & Cloud Partner

  • Dell

  • HP

  • Alibaba Cloud

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