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Auto Scaling Omni-Channel instances on the fly

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

If you have noticed, scaling batch processes for huge batch jobs and sending them to your customers via email, WhatsApp Business, or SMS is practically undocumented. Most solutions are catered toward Campaigns or Transaction based applications and are usually in small batches or over a given period of time. Solutions of sending hundreds of thousands within an hour or similar magnitude or size are pretty much undocumented or very vague. We have SMTP providers like Sendinblue, Sendgrid, or AWS SES that offer huge pipes to send emails (by the millions) for you. Sounds simple but to be honest it is not that simple.

We at DC have developed a solution to auto-scale the delivery of your omni-channel communications on the fly at such speeds, it is unheard of in the industry. We are the bridge between your application and your gateway providers be it any SMTP gateways or Whatsapp Business Service Providers. We bridge the 2 seamlessly so that you do not have to write codes or hire programmers to do so. Even then it is not that simple - is it scalable?

Our success story example is a utility company that has a daily batch run of over 150K files that needs to be processed and send out to its recipients either via Email or WhatsApp Business all within a short period of time - within an hour or two.

Our "Rolls Royce" data composition tool is able to perform these operations with medium complexity of data logic within an hour - composing from raw XML data to PDF and sending the bills out via our custom-made application and pushing it out for omnichannel delivery.

Processing medium logic-based data to PDF is one challenge. The next is pushing that same data & PDF to a gateway is what we feel is a bigger hurdle. You will need multiple VPS servers, and write robust codes, and APIs in order to cater to such a project. And it's not a small feat.

Based on its sheer volume, our autoscaling using AWS Lambda and ECS - replicating instances to process and push to relevant gateway providers at high speeds.

Above is our architecture that is able to autoscale based on volume. The architecture is not dependent on a single hardware architecture but automatically responds to code execution requests at any scale, from a dozen events per day to hundreds of thousands per second. Execute code at the capacity you need, as you need it. Scale to match your data volume automatically and enable custom event triggers. And once the job is done, it removes all instances.

It is DC's commitment as a service-managed provider to your digital transformation initiatives and delivery of your bills, insurance policies, bank statements, etc at any scale within an agreed Service Level.

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