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Sending Bills via WhatsApp Business

With the current increase in postage charges worldwide for physical bills, it makes sense to now go digital for bills. The best and with the best CX experience for bill receivers is through WhatsApp Business.

Above is an example of a utility bill that is sent via WhatsApp Business - We have redesigned it whereby we placed a Call to Action Button - Pay Now and Call us button at the bottom of the WhatsApp message.

The value of this is the receiver of this bill is :

  1. Call to Action - customers are able to pay on the spot or call customer service when needed at a click of a button.

  2. Cost - The other value for this is cost. Sending an e-bill via WhatsApp will be approximately 30% of the cost of postage & printing. Imagine sending millions of bills monthly physically versus via WhatsApp. The amount saved is hundreds of thousands.

  3. Reach your customers instantly - WhatsApp users tend to read your messages and respond to them more than any other applications such as physical mail or emails.

If you would like to know more about how to send bills via WhatsApp Business, send us a WhatsApp message and let's start communicating.


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